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Who we are

Crownsys Consulting, Inc. helps project owners, consultants and contractors implement successful projects by providing project management systems and services that are tailored to fit clients' environment. Crownsys' expertise in the field of project management system's implementation, project scheduling, monitoring, control and reporting helps clients make informed decisions to assure that projects finish on time and within budget.


Our History

Crownsys Consulting, Inc. started as a company doing sales and implementation for Primavera Systems and continues to do this today with Primavera now under the Oracle suite of software applications. Crownsys is responsible for the success of Primavera Project Management software in the Philippines having served a majority of players in the construction and oil/gas industries, with some engagements also in telecommunications, manufacturing and utilities such as power and water.


What we do

Crownsys Consulting, Inc has provided implementation services, training and consulting for Oracle-Primavera suite of project management systems for construction, telecommunications, oil & gas, power & utilities, railways and highways. Crownsys is the only company in the Philippines that offers outsourced planning and scheduling and has successfully provided this service to industries such as construction, oil & gas and power industries .


In the beginning, Crownsys merely sold the software and to assure success of the client, also conducted trainings. Some clients have bigger needs from the software, in this case Crownsys entered as a consultant and offered its services to further investigate and study client's environment and recommend best practices and implementation methodology for client to implement with their internal team or Crownsys comes in as the implementor.


For an even wider scope of implementation, clients can leverage the strength of their existing infrastructure, system and other applications applying best of breed solutions to work hand in hand with Oracle Primavera. In this setup, Crownsys can work with software development tools and Oracle Primavera's native development tools, APIs and SDKs to integrate Oracle Primavera with existing client's applications.


Our solutions

With its years of experience in helping various industries implement Project Management Software, Crownsys observed that the simple but troubling reality organizations face in regard to their project management office (PMO) - they lack manpower resources or lose manpower resources. A solution they apply is to pool in manpower fresh from school and groom these neophytes to be their company's next project managers, planners and schedulers. However, the high turn over rate defeats this solution. In response to this Crownsys made a bold step by offering outsourced planning and scheduling. This has totally changed the Crownsys' business model to achieving success in their client's adaption of technologies for project management, planning and scheduling.


For company's constantly experiencing project failures, ineffective project management, planning, scheduling practices which are eventually impairing business performance, they now have the option to take this business process out of their organization and outsource to Crownsys. For six years now, Crownsys has provided outsourced planning and scheduling to various projects on low and high rise construction, roads and expressways, mass housing, power plants, oil and gas.


Internal inefficiencies, scarcity of special skills and high turn over rate of manpower pushes companies to make the move to outsource. Crownsys is there to respond

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