Average equipment breakdown frequency of was reduced by 37% equipment with the most breakdowns were analyzed and prioritized with CMMS, we were able to strategize on parts replacement (run-to-failure vs. time-based replacement) Total equipment downtime was reduced by 32%. Uptime greatly improved. equipment with the most downtime were analyzed response time of contractors/suppliers were improved repair time and lost time were improved Preventive Maintenance compliance improved from <80% to 99% contractors/suppliers had to strictly follow CMMS PM schedule
AVP, SM Engineering Design & Development CMMS Lead
Improved Compliance due to MAPCON CMMS Improved PM Compliance from 70% to 91%, resulting to reduction in Equipment Breakdown by 30% Reached 100% Shared Tools Inventory Compliance 100% Standard Operation Procedure upload to CMMS 95% Permits and Tenant Space Provision Compliance
AVP for Engineering CMMS Lead
Improvement from Manual Process “MAPCON’s CMMS has a positive impact with our maintenance system than our usual manual process of maintenance User-friend System Interface “Having reviewed other maintenance software programs, I found the MAPCON interface is more user-friendly and easier to use than other software “I highly recommend these products to anyone looking for a dependable maintenance management software package
AVP, Project Development and Solar Operations, CMMS Lead